It's The Little Things

This past January, Global Cross visited Nicaragua with missionary Sarah Broome. The purpose of our trip was to visit with Pastor Luis and see how things were going, but it also opened the door to transport goods we have received from generous donors. Most of the items we took with us were for the kids at the feeding kitchens. Their school year starts in early February and Sarah wanted to help get them ready for success.

We have to courier goods into Nicaragua to ensure they get to their intended destinations. So each member of our team checked two 50 pound bags at the airport. Once we landed and got through customs, all of the items had to be organized by size, assigned to a child, and then packed in a book bag.

Of course, the children were excited to receive their school surprise. There were lots of grins and thankful parents.

If anyone was uncertain about what the kids thought about their gifts, that was put to rest two days later. Nearly every child showed up at church proudly wearing the clothes in their book bag.

Sometimes, it's the little things.