Closer Look Into The Feeding Kitchen

Global Cross started the feeding kitchen in October 2015 and it continues 2.5 years later. The first feeding kitchen was launched in Tepano, just a few minutes from the Pacific. Not long after, we recognized the need for a second one in Diriamba.

First feeding kitchen started in Tepano in the south. The second came later in Diriamba.

We've spent nearly three years with these children and it's been a blessing to watch them grow up. Here are two children who have been there from the beginning in Tepano.

Pedrito (age 6) started coming to the feeding kitchen when he was 3 years old.

Pedrito was three years old when he showed up and he was a very shy child. It seemed like our interactions caused him some pain so he rarely spoke. Today, he is completely different. He participates in group activities and talks with everyone. Pedrito loves to eat chicken and salad and play with toy cars. He is one of the poorest children in the program.

Juan David was 9 years old when he first came to the kitchen. He's 12 now.

Juan David arrived when he was nine year olds. Since then, we have learned he loves soccer and playing guitar. Members of the church band have been teaching him to play the guitar and he has shown to be a fast learner. His favorite food is rice, beans, and cream/cheese. Unfortunately, Juan David spends most of his time alone because both his mother and sister work. Juan David is a child of few words with a big heart.

The feeding kitchen has impacted not just the kids but the whole family. They look healthier, happier, and not as timid as they used to be. The parents no longer feel the shame of not having something to feed their children.
— Pastor Luis

The two kitchens feed 56 children at the moment, but rising food costs are becoming a concern. We're doing what we can to spread donations as much as possible but recent and long-term increases will likely require us to close the kitchen for a day or two every week. For example, our total food bill was 1,000 córdobas in 2015. Today, each grocery visit costs 5,400 córdobas. Here is a closer look at the cost of beans and rice from 2015 to today.

Rising Costs of Food in Nicaragua

We covet your prayers first and foremost. If you would like to financially support the feeding kitchens in Nicaragua, you can make a one-time donation or make a monthly commitment. Thank you.