...to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ,
Ephesians 4:12


The primary objective of Global Cross Ministries is to glorify God. We do this through discovering, developing, and distributing resources to enhance global discipleship. Our strategy utilizes a combination of technology, resources, and people. We also provide teachers, missions opportunities, festivals, and conferences to help equip the Holy Universal Church for ministry.  Global Cross is composed of leaders from diverse theological backgrounds who work together with orthodox churches, missions organizations and seminaries.


Global Cross is a non-profit ministry dedicated to discipling the world for Jesus. Our strategy is a combination of technology, resources, and people. Each dollar we receive goes towards one of these assets. We also partner with other ministries and organizations that share our goal. We accept donations on their behalf and transfer the funds to them. You can make an online donation to Global Cross or any one of our partners.



The Parchment Tablet gets its name from Paul's letter to Timothy in which he asks Timothy to bring him his books, but especially his parchments. Global Cross spreads the gospel and disciples believers by loading translated resources onto the 7" Android tablet and distributing it throughout the underground church in countries where the Christian faith is often prosecuted. Help us manufacture the next version of the Parchment tablet.

Parchment Tablet Project

Business As Mission

Global Cross participates in several Business As Mission (BAM) applications in addition to providing insight and expertise for other organizations. We have traveled internationally to this end. No matter the size of the business, we get excited to see what God has in store.  We invite you to learn more about BAM at Global Cross and find out how you can participate in our BAM projects. Also, contact us to share what you are working on in your community.

BAM at Global Cross