Looking Back on 2018

At the end of the year, we like to reflect on how the Lord has led and what He has accomplished, and glorify Him for it. We want to share a few of the developments in the past year and thank you for your support and continued prayer. Without your partnership, we simply would not be able to serve the Lord in these ways.


Children at the feeding kitchen in Tepano.

The feeding kitchens in Diriamba and Tepano are serving meals to more than sixty children, five days a week. We built a kitchen at the new church in Tepano and moved the local feeding kitchen there. In addition to the kitchen, two classrooms were constructed at the property and tile was laid in the church. There were also some unexpected expenses at the feeding kitchens when we had to replace a refrigerator, water tank, and stove. We purchased a 2009 Toyota Hilux to transport food and sound equipment to both churches. House #13 was completed for an elder of the church in Tepano along with repairs for other homes. Pastor Luis’ son, Luenrry, was involved in a head-on collision with an SUV. Their motorcycle was totaled but Luenrry survived with a crushed arm and leg. He underwent two surgeries and we have helped with those medical expenses. Throughout the year we provided food, clothing, shoes, medicine, healthcare, school supplies, and more for the community and church family.


Desalegyn and Thomas Berger of SIM receiving the microSD cards and duplicator.

We are returning to Ethiopia this January for ministry and Business As Mission (BAM) reasons. On the ministry side, we are participating in Phase II of the tablet project that began in August 2016. The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC) has purchased 2,400 tablets and memory cards for their pastors. Transporting discipleship and evangelism resources via microSD cards has proved to be an effective method so we also donated two memory card duplicators to speed the data transfer to the microSD cards. There are some awe-inspiring stories of Muslims coming to faith due to this ministry, and countless seeds are being planted boldly in the name of Jesus. On the business side, our construction sourcing company will be completing its first project in Ethiopia. There is a shortage of finishing materials in Addis Ababa so we imported cabinets and countertops. We will finish the project by providing training on their assembly and installation which will help with job creation. Funds from these projects are used to fund ministry efforts within Ethiopia. Lastly, we are in the early stages of helping the Evangelical Theological College obtain construction materials for their new thirteen-story building.


Junior and Jonatan working from their home office in Diriamba, Nicaragua.

Ascensor is a BAM project we started in July 2015 to help fund Pastor Luis’ ministry in Nicaragua and provide work for unemployed believers. In 2018, Ascensor donated more than $2,600 of their revenue to Pastor Luis’ ministry in addition to providing employment to two members of his team. We are actively looking for ways to grow their work load and hope to have something to report after the first or second quarter of 2019. Lastly, we are proud to say none of Ascensor’s revenue went to Global Cross or any of our other BAM companies. They are independent and multiplying in kingdom efforts for the glory of the Lord!


We are not able to discuss our Asian ministries in a public forum because the risk of persecution is too great for those working in the field. If you are one of our donors, you can expect to receive information about this sensitive ministry via postal mail.

It has been a great year at Global Cross Ministries and we thank God for how He has guided and provided throughout. It’s amazing when we look back to see how the Lord was there at each step and we are excited to see what he has in store for 2019.

Impact Of Tablets & Solar Power in Ethiopia

Last July, Global Cross announced we were taking light and power to Ethiopia.  The project called for the distribution of Parchment tablets and Firefly solar chargers to Doctor of Ministry students. Each tablet was loaded with the ministry resources needed for their own growth but also to assist in their discipleship efforts. The solar charger enabled them to go throughout Ethiopia.  We partnered with AEG International, SIM, and the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC) to make this a reality.

It has been eight months since we returned from Ethiopia and wanted to share some of the information and photos we have received.

The tablets distribution process have been successful. Last weekend we traveled to Wolayita to distribute tablets for those who are living outside from Addis Ababa. It is located South Western Ethiopia and about 340kms from Addis, capital of Ethiopia. Students came to Wolayita from different directions: Kucha, Arbaminch, Chencha, Dawuro, Durame and Shone areas. The students were very happy receiving their tablets.
We thank God for your ministry. The Firefly and Parchments (tablets) are working well. All doctoral students are highly appreciating Global Cross for their contribution for the sake of expansion of God’s kingdom. I am also one of EKHC BILD Doctor of Ministry students using both the Firefly and Parchment. The Firefly is producing very high power. All EKHC DMIN students are using Firefly for both purposes: for light and charging Parchments and mobile phones. We are using Parchments to read our school materials. Wherever we go now we have library in our pocket. This is our sincere appreciation for your esteemed organization. We are using all materials to glorify God and for expansion of His glorious kingdom.

The project has been so well received EKHC and SIM have begun talking about expanding it to others within their organization and affliations.

What would you think about a next step? We would like to inform you that EKHC has more than 9000 local church Pastors and ministers waiting for your Firefly and Parchments for their ministry.
— Alemayehu "Alex" Anjulo, EKHC
What a huge blessing this is to all of the Doctor of Ministry students. Sounds like all the EKHC pastors desire to have a Parchment and Firefly. Let’s dream together how we can keep joining the Lord in advancing His cause in equipping HIS church.
— Joe Harding, SIM

Representatives of Global Cross, EKHC, SIM, and AEG International in Addis Ababa in August 2016.

Global Cross and SIM had a follow-up trip to Ethiopia in early April where we met with the EKHC again. The Kale Heywet Church believes this program is "clearly from God" and want to march ahead with a project that includes the following:

  • 9,000 of their pastors and ministers.
  • More than one hundred Amharic Bible schools.
  • Four or five theological colleges.

This initiative could encompass more than 20,000 people in all. We have begun work by researching specifications for the next Parchment tablet, testing a sample tablet, and communicating with our technology manufacturers. Global Cross will continue to walk it out while seeking the Lord's direction. We also thank Him for including us in such exciting work.