Light & Power Headed to Ethiopia

Global Cross and our partners in Ethiopia tested 6-7 different specification sets before arriving at the final tablet.

Global Cross is excited to announce the Leaders Book Set project is fully funded and underway. We raised approximately $31,000 USD in order to provide Parchment tablets and Firefly solar chargers to 75 leaders studying for their Doctor of Ministry in Ethiopia. These students are part of the BILD system and need access to Christian resources for their own growth and discipleship opportunities throughout Ethiopia.

We finalized our tablet testing in June and settled on the fourth and final version of the Parchment tablet for this phase of the project.  The tablets arrived in July and have been delivered to be prepped for shipping to Addis Ababa.

Global Cross partnered with the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church, AEG International, and SIM to make this project a reality.  The Parchment tablets will be with loaded with Christian materials and enable access to much more while the Firefly will provide power for regions of Ethiopia where electricity is not readily available.

Each of the 75 Doctor of Ministry students contributed $100 USD to participate in this project. Their contributions combined with several generous donors made it possible to proceed.  Global Cross will travel to Ethiopia with key members from AEG and SIM in late August to distribute the tablets and solar chargers. This will include a ceremony where the students and their tools will be blessed for God's work. Each student will receive instructions on how to get started but Global Cross will follow up with the students in a second meeting to help troubleshoot any issues and answer student questions.

80 tablets prepped and ready for shipment to Addis Ababa.

The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC) has been operating the Great Commission for the last 85 years since its conception in 1927. The EKHC spearheaded the vision for the Leaders Book Set which contains the Christian materials that will ultimately allow for hundreds and thousands of leaders and pastors to have modern and scalable access to the Christian resources. This project is Phase I of a larger initiative to take the Gospel to Ethiopia and other parts of Africa.  The following phases are highly dependent on the success of Phase I. We began this project in November 2015.

Joe Harding of SIM met with the Doctor of Ministry students in December 2015.