Truth Festival: Bad News, Good News

Center City Park in Greensboro, NC is the target site for the 2018 Truth Festival.

First, the bad news. The 2017 Truth Festival in downtown Belmont has been cancelled. After much prayer, we decided not to host the third festival in Stowe Park again. We really felt the Lord calling us in another direction which leads us to the good news. We are confident the next Truth Festival will be in Greensboro, NC. Here is what we know so far.

  • Date: April or May 2018.
  • Location: Most likely Center City Park in downtown Greensboro.
  • Next Step: Working through final details with city officials.

Our team dedicated a month of prayer to the questions, improvements, and needs for the next Truth Festival. The Lord provided answers to each of those and through that it became clear the third festival should move on to its second location. We also have received interest to host the Truth Festival in Boone, NC and Colorado so Greensboro appears to be a step in that direction.