Awana for Nicaraguan Children

Global Cross missionary Sarah Broome returned from her January trip to Nicaragua with lots to share. She was able to start a simple Awana program in conjunction with the feeding kitchen in Tepano.  As of today, the kitchen is feeding 36-40 children.  Most children finish school at noon and then go to the kitchen where they receive 5 meals each week.  Their ages range from birth to 15 years old so the kitchen also feeds a few children who are too young for school.  After lunch, they receive a Bible lesson.

Part of Sarah's mission was to deliver 50 Spanish Awana books that were donated by South Point Baptist Church.  Spanish Bibles and similar materials are hard to come by in this part of Nicaragua but now these kids have age-appropriate learning materials written in their native language. Not only are they learning about Jesus and from God's Word, but they get additional reading study.


In addition to Tepano, Awana materials also went to Diriamba.  This group is a bit older (ages 10 to 16) which has led to deeper discussions and study. These kids have been meeting after school, 5 days a week since early December.


One final note of interest: Global Cross is also operating a Business As Mission application in Diriamba called Ascensor.  One of Ascensor's employees is leading the Bible study in Diriamba while the wife of another employee leads the children's study in Tepano.