Your Donations At Work In Nicaragua

Global Cross and missionary Sarah Broome treat your donations as a great responsibility.  Not only do we consult with our local partners but considerable prayer is given to how each donor contribution is applied. One of the ways donors love on the Nicaraguan people is to send supplies with missionary teams.  Each missionary on those teams carry two 50-pound bags and they are packed full with clothing, shoes, medicine, kitchen supplies, and other needed items.

One of the most common items carried to Nicaragua are shoes.  So many children need shoes and, with Pastor Luis, we bring in families so the mothers can select clothing and footwear for their children.  We distribute so many items and thought we would share a follow-up on 7-year-old Byron and the shoes he received.

Byron received these shoes in November 2015. When Sarah returned to Nicaragua she discovered he had worn completely through his shoes in two months. A lot of these children love to play soccer and this contributed to their wear and tear.  So Sarah decided to take care of his shoes and some other needs.

Sarah took Byron into town and got him a new pair of shoes, socks, underwear, school uniforms, and a haircut. This was his very first haircut at a barber.  Byron was scared of the trimmers at first but he began smiling after he realized what they were doing. When Sarah put his old shoes in the trash, Byron tried to take them because he said he could still use them.

What a blessing for Byron and his mother. He received some needed items but he is also being fed physically and spiritually at the feeding kitchen each weekday. Sarah said every time she saw Byron after getting his new shoes he hugged and thanked her.  She also said Byron's mother came to her crying and said how much she and her son were blessed.