Global Cross exists to discover, develop, and distribute resources for global discipleship.  Jesus charged His followers to “Go make disciples,” and His command fuels and directs our team.  This goal is much bigger and deeper than just creating converts.  We believe God’s design is for Christians to walk personally with Christ in the community of other believers.  When Christians live and grow as disciples of Jesus, the love of Christ will pour out to other people through opportunities of evangelism, missions, and service.

Disciples make disciples – and God receives the glory as more and more individuals trust Jesus Christ and grow in Him.


Global Cross has been involved in Nicaragua for several years and have a few on-going projects.  We have a Business As Mission application in Diriamba but one or our more traditional discipleship projects is in Tepano.  This area struggles with poverty and many children are asked to find a job or husband when they are 9-12 years old because their parents can no longer afford to feed them.  It is not uncommon for families to only get 3-4 meals in a week.  We have partnered with a local ministry and school to provide more and more hungry children the following:

  • 5 hot meals each week
  • Bible study
  • School supplies
  • Medicine

You can support our efforts by making a one-time donation towards the kitchen facility or feeding a child.  We are also seeking sponsors who are willing to make a monthly donation to cover the food for a child.

Children awaiting their free meal at the rented kitchen in Tepano, Nicaragua.

Truth Festival

Lots of small "Pagan Pride Festival" signs appeared in Belmont, NC in 2014. A question emerged, "Would we stand idly by?" We opted to do two things in response:

First, we organized many Christians to attend the "Pagan Pride Festival" so that we might show the love of Christ, while "being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks . . . for a reason for the hope that is in [us]; yet do it with gentleness and respect" (1 Pet. 3:15). There were likely more Christians than pagans in the park that day. Joining us were pastors and members from their respective churches, seminary professors and students and our team. We had groups who walked the park praying and others who engaged the pagans, especially the youth, in constructive conversations answering many questions about Christianity with gentleness and respect. See images below.

Second, we asked ourselves why Christians are not more bold to exercise our American right to public assembly. Over the next months, through prayer and fasting, the idea for the Truth Festival was born.

In 2015, Global Cross proactively launched the inaugural Truth Festival in Belmont, NC, a celebration of Christ in the public square. God gave us a vision to lead Christians together to worship Christ through music, and to hear from great missionary organizations about what God is doing around the world. We organized tents to provide the answers to tough questions asked by believers and non-believers who attended. We were blessed to give away thousands of dollars of solid Christian books. This first event, spawned collaboration for three more events in 2015, but most importantly led to several coming to Christ for salvation.  

Our first Truth Festival was a huge success and we are excited about how God moves in the event in 2016.  Find out more at TruthFestival.org.


Global Cross hosted a national pastor's conference in January 2016. In conjunction with missionaries in Honduras, we conducted interviews and reconnaissance to discover the greatest problems facing the evangelical pastors there. Their responses and input shaped our planning. Thus, we assembled a team of experts to converge on a central location where over 200 Honduran pastors traveled by bus, bike and foot to the conference where they were trained to defend the historic Christian faith and educated on the very issues they identified as their most challenging. Global Cross distributed Parchment Technology (read more) and provided solid Christian resources in Spanish to these pastors for further personal growth and to assist the discipleship of their own congregations. 

You can read and see more about the event on our blog.

Schools in Asia

Due to security reasons, much of our information about Asia is highly confidential.

Our ministry has long supported underground theological schools in which we train about 200 new pastors/servants each year in English and the Scriptures. Many students go back into their own community, others start a house church, but God has moved on many to leave their respective land and become missionaries in other countries. We have trained missionaries that are currently in countries with varying degrees of hostility toward the Gospel. Many of these missionaries are ministering to unreached people groups.

We have 35 permanent missionaries in an unreached people group in Burma (also known as Myanmar). This move of God has resulted in building of 3 Christian schools for children who would otherwise never get an education. 

We have been asked to build two more schools. In the words of our partner there:

"[Another man] asked me to come to his farm and build a school. When I arrived in his land, and saw so many children, hopeless and helpless, the Holy Spirit was strongly stirring up my heart. When this man requested me again to build a school for them and send our teachers to educate them, simply it was not possible for me to decline his request. According to our experience, every child that comes to our school has accepted Jesus as their Lord. I can envision that these children would become the children of Jesus next year if we could set up a school for them.

Please pray for this great opportunity. Lord willing, we can build the fifth school at the same time. The end of the time is coming, and we need to race against time."

It costs about $30,000 to set up a school for 100 kids. A school can easily last forty years. Would you join us in this effort?