One Story from the Truth Festival

I was going to do something very bad.
— Johnny

We hosted our second annual Truth Festival in Belmont last Saturday and we're still wrapping up various tasks, processing photos, returning items, and giving thanks. However, we have heard some incredible and encouraging stories from our many volunteers and contributors.  We thought we would share one with you to give you a glimpse of the Truth Festival.

Andy & Sarah Broome are Global Cross missionaries serving Nicaragua.

Sarah Broome is a Global Cross missionary and was serving in one of our festival tents by sharing what the Lord is doing in Nicaragua.  A gentleman, we will call him Johnny, walks off the street and stops at her tent. They begin talking about Nicaragua and Johnny's cousin who went there on a recent mission trip. Johnny was interested in going to Nicaragua as well so Sarah asked him if he was saved. Johnny began sharing his current situation:

  • Just moved to the area 2 weeks ago.
  • As soon as he got settled down with his girlfriend, she told him it was over.
  • They have two children together.
  • Only had $200 left and no job.

It looked like Johnny had reached the bottom and decided to "do something very bad" the morning of the Truth Festival. Johnny set his GPS and ended up in a church parking lot.  He left the parking lot and went to Sammy's Pub in downtown Belmont. Johnny had a drink and then left. He went to use his phone, but noticed he did not have a mobile signal. He began walking through downtown Belmont and finally got a signal when he stopped in front of Sarah's tent in Stowe Park.

Nicaragua tent at the 2016 Truth Festival in Belmont, NC.

Plan of Salvation. A valley separates people (left) and God (right). Many think philosophy, good works, and religion can reach God but they all fall short. Only the cross can bridge the divide. Jesus is the only way (John 14:6).

Sarah explained God is the solution to our problems. Johnny said he was trying to do better and he wanted to get right before he was baptized. Sarah told him that was not possible and he didn't have to wait. She asked Johnny if he wanted to get saved and he said yes. At that moment, Doc Lawing walked by and she introduced him. Doc quickly sketched out the plan of salvation and asked him which side he was on. Johnny said he was on the opposite side from God and asked Doc how to get there.  Doc shared it with him. Johnny prayed and asked Jesus to forgive him and to come into his life.

Doc invited Johnny to church. Johnny said he might not have a car because of his girlfriend so Doc offered to pick up Johnny and his family. Well, Johnny ended up driving his family to church and was in the same Sunday School class with Sarah. He thanked her for everything.  During the following worship service, Johnny and his family were sitting together on the front row.

10/21/2016 Update: Soon after the festival, we learned one of our partner companies had a job opening. We introduced them to Johnny and they hired him for the position. Johnny has been working for several weeks and they are very happy to have him.

Save the Date: Truth Festival 2016

It's official. The Truth Festival will return to downtown Belmont on Saturday, September 24, 2016. We are excited to return to the spot of the inaugural Truth Festival and look forward to worshiping the Lord with fellow believers through music, food, fun, and truth. We will update with new details soon.

One of our wonderful food vendors expressing her love for God and the value of Christians getting together to worship and sing in public!