Truth Prep Book


Truth Prep Book

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Preparing Christians to better know God & defend the faith.


Raise $4,000 to produce 500 book copies.

Project Overview

"Truth Prep" is a curriculum that Global Cross and partners are working on to help equip our Christian youth to know and share the Gospel, to make disciples, and to defend the faith.

When our youth head to the Universities or the workforce, they are often times rejected and treated harshly for being followers of Jesus Christ. Global Cross is meeting the need of parents and church leaders across the nation by providing qualified teachers and resources to equip our nation’s youth.

Current Status

As of right now, we need donations to produce the first 500 copies of the “Truth Prep” workbook. Your gift will enable us to finish writing, publishing, and printing this important workbook for equipping our Christian youth. Join us in this time sensitive and important work.

Would you please consider partnering with us by supporting this project financially? We cannot continue this ministry project without the support of faithful Christians like you.

IMPORTANT: By clicking the Donate button below you are making a donation to Global Cross and stating you would like your funds to be used in the production of the Truth Prep book.  You will not receive a book.

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